Have you ever wondered why the “can’t miss” prospect never turned into what he was supposed to be? Or how a player drafted late emerges as a superstar in the NHL years later? Or who your team just drafted? Is he going to turn your franchise around? Hockey Prospecting can help answer that!

  • NHL-Level Analytics Tool
  • Over 30 Years of History and Data


What’s Hockey Prospecting All About?

Hockey Prospecting standardizes player scoring across the board and uses historical performances to chart how prospects will perform in the NHL. Our model removes intangible biases such as age, size, league, position and nationality. We do this by putting all players on the same playing field, based on their offensive production. Too often a player’s size, age or background is held against them. Not here.

Our model goes all the way back to 1990, with nearly 6,000 players in total. By comparing the offensive production of all players during that time we found a pattern, which shows how a players’ scoring production, normalized by league, along with the rate they develop, can predict which players will succeed and/or thrive at the NHL level. The history in the model also allows us to provide comparisons to existing and former players, to show you whose career a prospect might be mimicking.

Our model, in part, is based on the concept of NHLe. Not familiar with NHLe? It stands for NHL Equivalency and is an equation to interpret how the player’s point production in their given league would translate to the NHL. This website – Hockey Prospecting – is, in fact, the largest publicly available NHLe resource.

Hockey Prospecting is used by fans, fantasy enthusiasts and independent draft analysts around the world. It is also used by several NHL organizations as a tool to aid with drafts and trades. Our goal is to transform how teams, media, agents and fans look at prospects and NHL players. We see it different and let 30 years of history and statistical analysis help guide us. 

How Can You Get Involved?

For a yearly subscription of just $35 CAD per year you can see for yourself just how deep your NHL team’s prospect pool is. Or compare to rival teams across the league. Or understand who from the next draft class are already showing signs that they are ready for the NHL.

Are you in a deep fantasy keeper league? Use Hockey Prospecting to find the next superstars … they’re not always the ones everybody is talking about.

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