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Welcome to Hockey Prospecting, home of the Stars Projection Model and the most in-depth NHLe source available publicly.  

Don’t know what NHLe is? NHLe (NHL Equivalency) is an equation to interpret how the player’s point production in their given league would translate to the NHL (over an 82 game pace). For example, an NHLe of 40 would, on average, result in 40 points over 82 games in the NHL the first season after the player transitions over. 

We look at the players in a standardized way (through the help of NHLe), accounting for age, size, league, position, nationality and other intangible biases by putting all the players on the same playing field, based on their offensive production. By doing so, we can look at players (forwards and defencemen) across decades and we can start to understand which players are likely to make the NHL and which are not likely to. More importantly, we can project which NHLers are going to be the really good ones – the ones that put up huge point totals and are regularly voted into the All-Star game. The method we’ve developed is highly accurate and predictive. 

Our goal is to transform how teams, media, agents and fans look at prospects and NHL players.Our draft rankings and player projections will look different from most. We don’t do it for shock value or clicks and we mean no disrespect to the countless hours that go into scouting, profiling and ranking players. We see it different and let 30 years of history and statistical analysis help guide us. 

See the players how we see them and you’ll start to see how a player came out of nowhere to become an NHLer or why that highly-touted prospect never amounted to what you expected. 

See a player’s NHLe five year development and what that means for their likelihood to be an NHLer and become a Star NHLer. You can also see who the player compared to at the draft and after five years of development.

Our model goes all the way back to 1990 and includes eligible 2020 draftees as well. Over 5,000 players in total and there’s a beautiful dashboard view (like the ones above) for each one of them. Click the button below and start to see prospects differently!