Byron Bader is the Creator of Hockey Prospecting, home of the Player Comparison and Drafter Tools.   Hockey Prospecting was officially launched in January 2020 though the concept of Hockey Prospecting started years ago after Byron started to notice distinct patterns and trends about players that tend to make the NHL and thrive.  The Hockey Prospecting tools provide insight and aid with scouting, drafting, ELC signings, trading and prospect development tracking.

Byron is a data science professional from Calgary, Canada. Byron’s expertise is in predictive modelling and dashboard development.  Byron, an avid hockey fan and stats junkie, got his start in sports analytics by writing for FlamesNation (an analytics-centered blog devoted to the Calgary Flames).  Byron has also written guest posts and been featured in many other outlets including: Sportsnet, The Athletic, TSN and TVA Sports.

In addition to running Hockey Prospecting, Byron is an NHL draft consultant, available for tailored insights and drafting analysis.

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Email: byron.bader@HockeyProspecting.com
Phone: 403-827-4784
Twitter: @ByronMBader